Friday, February 6, 2009

Strange rejection note

I got an email from my contact at a job saying that they had 127 applicants and I was one of their top 10 choices, but not on their short list. At the time they got to the last 10 choices, "we were comparing among the very best folk and it proved to be very difficult to pick one and leave one out, and it really wasn't an issue of expertise at that point -- I hope we have made the right decision!"

What a weird statement. "I hope we made the right decision by rejecting you."

Um, I hope you did too?

This is the second such rejection I've gotten. One last year where I was one of five to interview remarked that they chose the "best fit". It's frustrating to think that there is some ineffable personal quality that I should develop to get thought of as a good fit.

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Anonymous said...

In my opinion, good fit really is about fit and not about something one is lacking...true, you can take an inventory of your skills etc, but it seems to me that "fit" encompasses as much/more about the school and their needs, the personality of the department, etc. --and that it's not really about shortcomings on the part of a candidate. I know the academic job market is difficult and it often feels personal (I was asked to apply at places I had post-docs and then the jobs went to people who were supposedly better fits). However, I think in the school where I teach I really am (in terms of interests, background, and personality) a better fit in my dept.