Thursday, September 20, 2007

The best and worst part about moving

Simultaneously the best and worst part about moving somewhere you've lived for a long time is that in the few weeks before you leave, you start to realize how many friend you have (hopefully), you feel like there's nothing to lose, so you open up to people and events and places you might otherwise not look at before, and even meet many more new people than when you're just living somewhere statically, and make sure you do as many of the things that you always wanted to do before you go. So you have all these amazing memories and a gigantic appreciation for the people and place, and you have an even better social experience than usual.

And then you move. When you first move, you're so busy getting furniture and all the things you need to call a place home (Ajax, a broom, phone service) and then assembling all your furniture that you don't even have time to think. And it's kind of nice to admire your new rice cooker or bookshelves. And you discover a kooky grocery store or fruit stand, or try to optimize your path to work. But at a certain point you want to be normal. And after so much support and love and outpouring at home, you don't have anyone there and people back home have gotten self-absorbed again. And it really has nothing to do with you being away --- people are almost always self-absorbed until something makes them not be self-absorbed anymore.

Okay, it's been said before and it's definitely a truism. But yes. It is true.

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