Thursday, September 20, 2007

Random acts of kindness

Today when I opened my mailbox, I discovered within it an issue of US News and World Report addressed to me with a forwarding sticker on it. Under the forwarding sticker was my original name and address. I logged into the US News website and it informed me that my subscription began on August 31, the day after I moved, and that it was paid for through September 15, 2008. Year-long subscriptions only cost $15 (this way they increase circulation and get more advertising revenue), so it's not an extravagant gift. It's a mysterious one, though.

Who likes US News so much, or would think that I like it so much that they would get me an subscription? It doesn't exactly seem like something popular with our age demographic.

The person, whoever it was, must have known that I was moving because I think everyone did. And they must have wanted not to tell me about it, or else they would have asked for my new address.

Very sweet.

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