Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Publication bias in blogs

Publication bias is a real concern in academic publishing, and even moreso in blogs. At least, I think, in my case.

While I enjoy puzzling out generalities of the postdoc life (such as it is), I have to admit that one reason that I blog is to get out my gripes so that I can forget about them and move on with my life and not burden my friends. Alternatively, if I have some theory, I will present all the evidence in favor of it, and conveniently neglect other facts, and realize later that I was slanted. Both my current postdoc and Gene have more postitive attributes than I gave them credit for in my posts, and while there's certainly clarity in getting a snapshot of one's current feelings, one-off writing done on the spur of the moment when I'm no good for writing anything real can be pretty slanted.

No neat resolution. Just posing the problem.

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