Friday, May 2, 2008

Yay, comments!

Thanks for all the comments. It's neat that one person said it was like she was reading her own diary. It's eerie how similar people's dilemmas are. The advance of the internet is that people who normally can feel isolated can realize there are others around with similar situations. Not that this is social interaction, by any means, but electronic empathy is not bad!

In the dietary aside, Segel Zutar was concerned about my drinking sugar water. I understand where that reaction is coming from, and that was my initial reaction as well --- I'm a brown rice type, fruits not fruit juice, etc. --- but based on the tentative evidence about unflavored sugar water, I tried it a few times and was surprised that it didn't feel unhealthy, so found it was a helpful tool when I want to eat, but can't for some reason. Possibly not great for blood sugar, but white bread has the same glycemic index as white sugar. Anyhow, that's a side note.

On the decision, see the next post. I made one!

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