Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Clearing the dating market

When economists say that a market has cleared, they mean that the excess supply and demand has been picked up.

In the past week, the following progress was made towards clearing the data market:

- On my last visit, Gene told me that he had met someone that he thinks he wants to marry. She was dating someone else at the time. Recently, he started dating her. Now that I know who it is, I can say that she's for sure fantastic. Though I have to admit that when I remembered that she is several years younger than Gene and I, it briefly flashed through my head that it's unfair. Yes, fair has nothing to do with his feelings, but there is no shortage of single 23-24 year olds.

- A guy who I met on a internet dating site this summer just got engaged, and another is in a relationship. I didn't go on a date with either one. We just spoke on the phone while I was still living in the old city; mutual indifference combined with travels (they're both academics) led us not to bother actually meeting once I finally moved here.

- The previous relationship, of course.

Only four, but that's in just one week. I don't wish I were dating them. Well, okay, I have slight twinges about Gene, despite my better judgement. I just don't like seeing that the market has continued to shrink.

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