Friday, January 25, 2008

Excuses, excuses

I applied for a postdoc with several sites. I got an interview for site A which I was told was for half a day, but a few days before leaving I found out it was just over an hour long; and a week later for site B. I can't imagine taking site A even over my current job. Making contacts at site A is probably useful, and when I like someone I'm good at making contacts. Unfortunately, I'm so transparent that when I am not interested, it shows through so in this case I won't make any contacts unless I pick up acting ability.

What's a better excuse?
* I can't get away from work. (Obviously I could if I wanted to.)
* I think the other site is a better match.
* I can't take a day away from work for an interview which may not be long enough to give me a sense of whether it's a good match.

The latter two are snotty, so probably the only thing that I can do is claim helplessness.

The reason that I have delayed canceling is because I could of course just suck it up and take the day to go. I could take acting lessons and really learn to look interested. And maybe it would be worth it. I've wasted days before, and what is one more wasted day? And yet, I feel like if I go, that will waste the entire week since I'm traveling at the end of the week too.

The ideal case would be if I had two skills which would help me anyway:
* Not to get phased by travel and disruption.
* Acting ability to seem interested when I'm not.

Unlikely to develop them, so helplessness in the face of work, it is!

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